Simplify Writing Opens On July 1, 2019.

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Engaging 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade writing lessons, planned and ready to teach.

No more downloading random lessons or rummaging through binders. Get daily standard-aligned writing lesson plans and student materials that you can print or share to devices.


Content is in the form of digital downloads, such as PDFs, PowerPoints, and Google files. No physical materials will be sent to you. Any printed material shown in images and video is for example purposes only. You are responsible for printing any paper resources you download from this program.

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I wish we had resources to teach writing that my students enjoyed."

"I feel unprepared to teach writing properly."

"I hate having to search out writing lessons that never really fit together."

"I never have time to really plan writing the way I'd like."

If so, wouldn't it be amazing to have daily, engaging writing lesson plans at your fingertips?

Fully Editable Daily Lessons

We've done ALL of the lesson plans for you! Each daily lesson plan includes:

  • Full lesson plans with standards, learning goals, success criteria, and step-by-step directions.
  • Use of provided mentor text.
  • Teacher models to use to teach the lesson to your students in a targeted mini-lessons.
  • Blank organizers for students.
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All Membership Features

Lesson plans are included for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.


Each grade level includes standard-aligned lessons and activities. We don't group grades together because we want them perfectly aligned to the grade level!

Rubrics & Grading, Simplified

Get access to rubrics and grading checklists that will make assessment a breeze!

Engaging Topics

All of our lessons are student-approved. We choose high-interest topics to spark student thinking.

Authentic Tools for Revision & Editing

We go way beyond editing marks, with organizers for authentic revision & editing. We also help with forms for conferences that are tailored to each type of writing!

Optional Digital Student Materials

Every student activity and organizer is also available on Google Slides to easily assign in Google Classroom.

Fully Editable Lesson Plans

All daily lesson plans are fully editable PowerPoint files! You can simply print them (or assign on devices) and teach, or you can make any changes you need to accommodate your students

Included Training

This membership is all inclusive. When you join, you get access to the daily lesson plans and materials you need to engage your students in high quality writing tasks. In addition, you get all current and future training. Our goal is to keep you current on new writing strategies, so that you have all of the tools to help your students succeed!

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How does it work?

Daily Lesson Plans Are Fully Editable

  • Formal lesson plans will be provided from August-May. Each month's lessons are in unit form and can be used other months of the year. For example, if you start school in September, you can easily use the unit marked for August.
  • Daily lesson plans are added to the membership at least 30 days prior to the month listed on the calendar. 
  • Additional membership content is added each month to our growing library of bonus lessons, grammar lessons, tools, and training.  
  • Each grade level has different lesson plans and models, so you don't have to worry about students repeating lessons if multiple grade levels at your school use the program. There is a consistent progression from one grade level to the next, connecting all included grade levels.

‚ÄčNo hard copies will be provided. It's your responsibility to print any lesson plans, student pages, posters, and other materials that you choose from the membership site. 

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Membership Licensing & Terms

One membership provides the license to use these materials in one classroom. If you have multiple teachers on your team using the writing materials, you must each have your own subscription. 

Sitewide Licenses & Purchase Orders

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the Common Core State Standards to align each grade level's lesson plans and activities. While most writing standards are pretty universal, it's a good idea to look at the lessons once you join to make sure they align well with your standards if you don't use CCSS. If they don't align, you can cancel your membership for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

The membership is built to fit into a variety of schedules, and all units can be easily molded to your start and end dates. Formal lesson plans will be provided from August 1-May 31. Additional content will be provided for those who are in school during months that do not have coverage. Some examples of this content are: bonus lessons, extra prompts, and grammar resources. These will be available for you throughout the year to fill any gaps or use for other purposes. All lesson plans are given weekly, so you can easily move lessons on your calendar around your individual school breaks and start/end dates.

No, these lesson plans are custom made for this membership. We make all of our calendars and lessons specifically for the month and year you will be using them. Additional resources and some handouts included may be similar to tried and true resources in my TpT store.

We recommend at least 40 minutes each day for a full lesson (including student writing time), but you can easily spend more time on each lesson if you have a longer writing block. Lessons can also be split in half if you. The daily lesson plans and most student organizers are editable. We've built in several layers of flexibility to make sure these lessons work in most classrooms.

Yes! We continue to add materials to the membership each month. We send our members monthly emails to tell them what we've added to the membership for the upcoming month. You will see upcoming materials on the "Coming Soon" section of the Member Dashboard.

Absolutely! We have many homeschoolers who have signed up for this membership and use it with fidelity. The included materials can easily be tailored to your child's needs.

No, you can access all of the past lessons in case you missed a lesson or need to review! You can access every lesson plan for as long as you're a member.


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