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Quality Writing Instruction Doesn't Need to Be Complicated

Stop scouring the internet for resources to use during your writing block. Inside the Simplify Writing® Program, we provide you with all of the daily lesson plans, tools, and training you need to help your students grow as writers.

Available for 2nd-6th grade.


Quality Writing Instruction Doesn't Need to Be Complicated

Stop scouring the internet for resources to use during your writing block. In the Simplify Writing program, we provide you with all of the daily lesson plans, tools and training you need to help your students grow as writers.

Available for 2nd-6th grade.


What Teachers Are Saying


Does This Sound Familiar?

➜ I wish we had resources to teach writing that my students enjoyed.

➜ I'd love to have more time for higher quality writing instruction.

➜ I hate having to search out writing lessons that never really fit together.

➜ My students struggle to actually improve their writing.

Yes! That's Me!

Let me guess... you have a short writing block where you're supposed to teach core writing standards, grammar, and somehow bring all of your struggling writers up to grade level?

We're inadvertently set up to fail.

I'm here to tell you: You are not failing at teaching writing, and your students aren't hopeless.

You're given limited time, resources, and support to teach writing. It's not a priority like math or reading, but it should be.

The good news is, you can have a simple system that works for teaching writing.

Simplify Writing® Program

We're opening up the Simplify Writing® Program to 2nd-6th grade teachers who want to improve their writing instruction and decrease the time they spend planning and stressing over their writing block.

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This Program Is For You If...

You want to have cohesive materials that can help you take your writing instruction to the next level.

You are spending way too much time creating teacher models for your lessons.

 You are looking for better ways to fit it all in and meet your instructional goals.

 You want students to understand the real-life applications of writing.

 You have a paperless classroom and want a program compatible with Google Classroom™, Microsoft 365, or other e-learning platforms.

Content is in the form of digital downloads, such as PDFs, PowerPoints, and Google files. No physical materials will be sent to you. Any printed material shown in images and video is for example purposes only. You are responsible for printing any paper resources you download from this program.

The Core 


Daily Lesson Plans

Access to fully editable daily lesson plans for your grade level for the entire school year

Printable & Digital Student  Organizers

Every organizer and note-taking page your students need, ready to print or assign digitally

Conference & Small Group Tools

Everything you need to individualize writing instruction and see massive growth

Self-Paced Training

8-hour Success with Simplify Writing® course teaches you how to efficiently implement the program

Grammar Lessons

Growing library of grammar lessons developed for use in whole group, small group, or conferencing

No More Supplementing 

All of the Tools & Resources You Need Are Included

Lessons are available for 2nd-6th grade.


Each grade level includes standard-aligned lessons and activities. We don't group grades together because we want them perfectly aligned to the grade level!

Rubrics & Grading, Simplified

Get access to rubrics and grading checklists that will make assessment a breeze!

Grammar Instruction

Our unique approach to grammar instruction helps students master the skills instead of making the same mistakes over and over again in their writing.

Authentic Tools for Revision & Editing

We go way beyond editing marks, with organizers for authentic revision & editing. We also help with forms for conferences that are tailored to each type of writing!

Optional Digital Student Materials

Every student activity and organizer is also available on Google Slides to easily assign in Google Classroom, Microsoft 365, or other e-learning platforms.

Fully Editable Lesson Plans

All daily lesson plans are fully editable PowerPoint files! You can simply print them (or assign on devices) and teach, or you can make any changes you need to accommodate your students.

What's Included in Each Unit?

Each unit includes everything you need to prep and teach your lessons!

Fully Editable Daily Lessons

We've done ALL of the lesson plans for you! Each daily lesson plan includes:

  • Full lesson plans with standards, learning goals, success criteria, and step-by-step directions
  • Use of provided mentor text
  • Teacher models to use to teach the lesson to your students with targeted mini-lessons
  • Blank organizers for students
  • Digital copies of all student organizers

Rubrics & Exemplars

We give you everything you need to grade each writing piece! No more guessing what a student's grade should be. We give examples of exactly what each score looks like.

Conference Goal-Setting Pages

Transition your students to meaningful conferences with goal-setting pages that are standard-aligned and match each unit.

Easily Teach Targeted Lessons with Mini-Lessons & Teacher Models

With our program, you'll be ready to teach very targeted mini-lessons (10-15 minutes in length) that focus on one specific part of the writing process.

These mini-lessons:

  • Provide students with a specific example of what they need to do in their writing.
  • Include organizers that are easy for students to use.
  • Utilize color-coding and other strategies that you'll see students using during their own writing time.
  • Give students an action to take to incorporate what they've learned into their own writing after the mini-lesson. 
I Want Access!

Our lessons engage students in the classroom and online.

Watch the video below to find out how Simplify Writing® transferred perfectly into online distance learning this year.


Types of Writing Covered

Follow our writing calendar or choose to do the units in any order. We have your entire year covered!

Photos are samples taken from different grade levels within the program. 

Unit 1: Personal Narrative

Unit 2: Explanatory

Unit 3: Opinion/Argumentative

Informational Text-Based

Unit 4: Informational


Unit 5: Explanatory Letter

Unit 6: Creative Narrative

Unit 7: Narrative Nonfiction

Uses Narrative Standards

Unit 8: Opinion/Argumentative

Response to Literature

Unit 9: Informational

Social Studies

Unit 10: End of the Year Unit

Friendly Letters

How You'll Incorporate 


We believe that grammar instruction should often be individualized. The Simplify Writing® Program will guide you in setting realistic grammar goals with students so that they don't continue to repeat the same errors in their writing over and over again. You'll also learn how to seamlessly incorporate grammar into your regular mini-lessons.

Our growing library of grammar resources allows for grammar instruction in whole group, small group, and 1-on-1 writing conferences.

Enroll Today

Includes a Workshop-Style Training Course

When you join, you get access to the daily lesson plans and materials you need to engage your students in high-quality writing tasks. It's important to be able to use the materials with confidence, so we provide you with a full training course called Success With Simplify Writing®.

The Success With Simplify Writing® course is at your own pace. You can start whenever you're ready, and we'll be here to answer your questions!

In addition to EVERYTHING you need to teach writing, you'll also get these bonuses if you join today:

Grammar Library

$150+ Value

Poetry Writing Unit

$15 Value

Descriptive Unit

$15 Value

Writing Stamina Unit

$15 Value

Writing Brain Breaks

$10 Value

Collaboration Group


Join Over 5,000 Well-Prepared Writing Teachers!

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I started with the pre-assessments, writing a paragraph and then started the Personal Narrative unit with a few tweaks for distance learning. It took the kids awhile to understand that we were writing in little chunks. I was SO PROUD when we got to 'resolution'....THEY NAILED IT!!!

- Julie Kelso, 4th Grade Teacher

A miracle!! A comprehensive writing program that provides an opportunity for students to interact with the writing process and build their self-confidence in their writing abilities.

- Tara Walker, High School Special Education Teacher

As the name states, it's a comprehensive program that truly simplifies writing! It chunks the daunting task of genre writing and has activities that break down the stages of writing in a manageable way for students.

As a middle school special education teacher that has students with varying ability levels when it comes to writing, I love how the program breaks down everything into manageable pieces for my students. My students do not groan when it's time for writing instruction. We are currently finishing up our Explanatory writing pieces and I have been so impressed with the ideas my students have come up with. I can already tell they're proud of their published pieces and it goes without saying that I am so proud of them too.

- Megan Brown, Middle School Special Education Teacher

I love this program so much because it is so comprehensive and provides both me and my students with everything we need to be successful. It helps me become a better writing teacher through the trainings that are provided, the lesson plans, and the organized standards. The past two years I have seen more student growth than I thought possible. Students who enter the year dreading writing, leave with so much confidence, skill, and a new appreciation for writing. It is amazing to see the growth, and to see how writing is a skill that everyone can master, not just the kids who enter the year already loving to write.

- Morgan Hazel, 5th Grade Teacher

My students are all second-language learners, so they all struggle with writing. For years, it was difficult for me to engage them in a way that made them want to write more. With this program, although my students aren't fast, they have been able to do more than with any other writing curriculum the district has purchased. I feel so much more confident in teaching.

At this point in time, I especially love the stamina, paragraph writing, and descriptive writing mini-units. They have been exactly what my students need right now. Considering how little they were writing the first few weeks of school (or not at all), I see a tremendous amount of progress already. 

- Katherine Woo, 3rd Grade Teacher

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that this program will make a huge impact in your classroom. If you try your first lesson and it doesn't work for you in any way, you can request a full refund during your first 14 days in the program.

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About Us

Although we all live in different states and bring different perspectives to the table, we do have one thing in common: our passion for writing instruction. 

We love writing the lessons that not only engage your students, but save you precious planning time. We also love helping you feel more confident as a teacher. 

When you join Simplify Writing®, you're getting lessons from real teachers with diverse student populations and a support network.

We cannot wait to bring you into our group of teachers!

-Team Simplify Writing

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