The Science of Writing 

What the research says and how to implement it in your classroom

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What You'll Learn

How Writing Fits In With Literacy Research

Learn how writing fits in with the body of evidence referred to as the "Science of Reading".

What Systematic, Explicit Lessons Look Like in Writing

Make the most of time spent teaching writing with systematic mini-lessons.

What Reading Integration Means

Learn how to properly balance reading and writing when reading is such a big focus.

How to Meet Varying Student Needs

Learn evidence-based strategies that help differentiate for all levels of writers.

Each Participant Gets

A Full Month of Lesson Plans + The Research

I want you to walk away from this training set up to implement the research in your classroom. On the Q&A slide at the end, I'll share a full month of lesson plans for your grade level that incorporate the strategies we discussed.

An ESSA evidence document that shares several important studies will also be provided.

Lessons available for K-8.


April Smith

Author of Simplify Your Writing Instruction: A Framework For A Student-Centered Writing Block

April began teaching in a Title 1 school in Arizona in 2008. She found herself struggling to provide adequate writing instruction with the time and tools she had available. This led her to spend years researching and developing lessons for her own classroom. Later, during district writing training that she led, April realized that most teachers were struggling to teach writing. After nearly a decade of sounding the alarm over a lack of structured writing instruction in schools, April now works with over 2,000 schools to implement writing strategies that follow the research.

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