Simplify Writing® Equity Statement

We want to take this opportunity to affirm our commitment to challenging and dismantling racism and inequity. We will continue to confront injustice in our communities and our classrooms, and we will continue to demand that our students and teachers are provided with access to high-quality curricula and educational materials that work toward increasing equity and inclusiveness. 

In an effort to continue toward this goal, we regularly review all of our resources for any instances of unintended bias. Every resource has been reviewed by an experienced classroom teacher who has experience teaching in diverse classrooms and has earned a certificate in Equity for School Leaders through a rigorous post-graduate program focused on anti-biased and anti-racist education.

We promise to listen to the needs of teachers in our community, support our fellow educators, and stand up for the rights of all of our students and the larger BIPOC community. 

We do not tolerate racism in any form, and we promise to continue to learn and grow as educational leaders so that we can continue to advance in this work together.