Writing Curriculum

The Simplify Writing® Curriculum is aligned to the newly adopted K-12 Georgia Standards of English Language Arts. It provides direct, explicit writing instruction during the literacy block that supports any reading programthat meets The Early Literacy Act (GA HB538).


Why Simplify Writing® is the Best Choice for Georgia Students

Explicit Lessons

We provide teachers with flexible writing lessons that can be used in both universal and intervention settings.

SoR-Aligned Encoding

Our lessons support the relationships between sounds and words as students learn to spell.

Supports Individual Learning Plans

We provide tools and training to help teachers provide interventions and instructional services to support ELLs.

Georgia’s English Language Arts Standards

Alignment Evidence


  • Motor Skills and Letter Formation
  • Transcription and Handwriting Fluency

Print handwriting and letter formation resources are provided that model correct pencil grip, writing posture, letter strokes, and spacing, with multiple opportunities to practice as students draft and publish writing pieces throughout the core units.


  • Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics
  • Syntax

The Simplify Writing ® Grammar Library includes over 100 skill-based units that focus on the conventions of writing, including grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Intervention units also target sentence and paragraph structure.


  • Writer Identity
  • Engagement & Intention
  • Writing Processes
  • Writing Like a Reader
  • Text Design
  • Collaboration & Presentation

Every Simplify Writing® unit covers the writing process from brainstorming to publishing, with mini-lessons that guide students through each step.

Students learn to think as a writer, with opportunities for dialogue and discussion about a variety of writing purposes. Every core unit includes lessons on pinpointing an appropriate audience and writing with the audience in mind, as well as designing a publishing option appropriate to the purpose and audience.


  • Organization
  • Craft
  • Narrative, Expository, and Opinion Techniques
  • Research & Inquiry
  • Curating Sources & Evidence

Students will produce a wide range of texts, including narrative, expository, and opinion pieces, employing a variety of organizational structures to their writing, including sequence, compare/contrast, cause/effect, and more. 

Throughout the Simplify Writing® units, students will learn research skills, incorporating evidence from outside texts to support their thinking in writing. Reference texts related to content areas are provided as a source for building background knowledge, as well as citing evidence through quotes/paraphrasing.

View the Full English Language Arts Georgia Standards Alignment Evidence Document

"We are believers..."

Teachers in the upper grades came to observe the primary grades and we were ecstatic about seeing the same graphic organizers, the same highlighter coding, and the same editing checklist they use being used in second grade. We are believers and we are excited to see how Simplify Writing helps our students grow into amazing writers for years to come.

Amy Matthews

Warner Robins, GA

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