According to NAEP data, only 27% of students in grades four through twelve demonstrate proficiency in writing skills.

It's time to focus on research-based strategies that meet our writers where they're at.

There's One Professional Development Book You Need to Do Just That...

Simplify Your Writing Instruction: 

A Framework For a Student-Centered Writing Block

About the Book:

Through her popular writing curriculum, author April Smith has helped thousands of educators develop bite-sized, differentiated writing lessons that can generate opportunities for feedback and support. In Simplify Your Writing Instruction, April shares her trusted system and offers concrete strategies for overcoming the most common struggles that teachers face as they bring writing front and center in the classroom. Even with the limited time you have available to plan, you’ll be able to implement this framework with students of varying ability levels. This book is a quick and actionable guide for grade 3-12 teachers who want to help learners meet and exceed grade-level writing standards.

You'll Learn To:

Use a simple pre-assessment to get a better overall picture of what your students can do

Differentiate your lessons to reach your writers where they're at

Support Your Special Education, ELL, and Gifted students

Split the writing process into efficient and effective 10- to 15-minute mini-lessons

Integrate grammar naturally and optimize student output after each lesson

Utilize more complex strategies such as small group work and conferring

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About the Author

April Smith began teaching in a rural school in 2008. After she was awarded Intermediate Teacher of the Year for her county in 2015, she transitioned into a leadership role as a district writing trainer. Today, she works as an instructional coach and curriculum designer, dedicated to empowering educators with the resources they need to better support their students. April has trained over 50,000 teachers, working closely with school leaders across the country through the Simplify WritingŽ curriculum.

Praise For Simplify Your Writing Instruction

“I cannot think of a better title for this book because Simplify Your Writing Instruction is the roadmap to do just that! April has thought of everything. This book is grounded in research, and it goes beyond the ‘why’ and digs into the ‘HOW!’ Every page has spectacular insights, useful ideas, and nuggets of knowledge to help simplify writing instruction. The practical tips and FAQs provided for each section make implementing April’s ideas easy. This book is a lifeline for new teachers but equally beneficial to any teacher looking to improve and simplify their writing instruction!”
―Deedee Wills, Instructional Coach and Literacy Consultant
"Simplify Your Writing Instruction is a game-changing resource that has revolutionized the way I help teachers approach teaching writing. As an instructional coach who coaches instructional coaches and teachers, April Smith's classroom-tested framework provides a step-by-step guide for setting up an efficient writing block that maximizes student growth within limited resources. Teachers are able to take practical strategies that prioritize simplicity and consistency and amplify their students' writing skills, implement effective feedback methods, and tailor lessons for diverse learners. I absolutely LOVE how the book is user-friendly and comes with checklists, templates, and student samples, ensuring teachers can read and implement the techniques into their classrooms immediately. Whether you're a classroom teacher, instructional coach, or even a teacher in training, Simplify Your Writing Instruction is an essential tool that empowers teachers to create impactful and engaging writing experiences for their students."
- Nicole S. Turner, Author of Simply Instructional Coaching

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