How to Support Your Teachers and Raise Your Writing Scores

Using Research-Based Strategies

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April Smith

In 2015, April's passion for coaching was ignited during her time as a writing trainer for her local school district. Currently, she works with more than 7,000 schools nationwide to implement simple instructional strategies aimed at enhancing student outcomes. Furthermore, April is the author of the book Simplify Your Writing Instruction: A Framework for A Student-Centered Writing Block.

What You'll Learn at the Training

Common Mistakes

Pinpoint the common mistakes that lead teachers to struggle with writing instruction.

Current Research

See a summary of the current writing instruction research and how it should guide your leadership.

Instructional Blueprint

See the research-based blueprint we use to train teachers how to reach all levels of writers. 

Curriculum Challenges

Learn how to address holes in your ELA curriculum and provide teachers with tools for quality writing instruction. 

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Leaders Like You

"Our students' writing scores have improved significantly"


"I had the pleasure of attending the training, and I have to say it was an eye-opening experience. April  provided practical strategies that my teachers could immediately implement in their classrooms. Thanks to this training, we were able to identify the gaps in our writing curriculum and make targeted changes to address them. As a result of working with April after, our students' writing scores have improved significantly, and our teachers feel more confident and supported in their instruction. I highly recommend this training to any school leader looking to improve their writing outcomes."

-Dr. Jimenez, Principal

"I feel much more equipped to help my teachers succeed."


"As an instructional coach, I have seen many teachers struggle to teach writing, and I have often felt overwhelmed by the task of supporting them. After attending the training, I feel much more equipped to help my teachers succeed. The presenter, April, provided insight into why our teachers and students are struggling with writing instruction. She also provided simple ways that I can support my teachers and overcome these issues. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to better support their teachers."

-Daryll Mark, Instructional Coach

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