FREE Training For 2nd-6th Grade Teachers

How to Engage Every Student During Writing

...without spending hours planning for additional learning needs.


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This Training Will Help You...


01. Make a simple plan for all of your students, from the struggling ones to the high achievers.

02. Learn easy built-in differentiation techniques for your ELL, special education, and struggling writers​​​​​​​

03. Make small tweaks to differentiate any writing lesson for all levels of writers.

04. Put supports into place so that your students can write independently.


A Note From April


After spending 10 years working with elementary students and a year working with new teachers in my district, I realized there was a huge gap in professional development. There wasn't much out there to support our teachers in one of the most important subjects: writing. I know what it's like to be frustrated and overwhelmed by complicated workshops, note-taking strategies, and lengthy lesson planning. That's why I began sharing what was working in my writing classroom, with an emphasis on simplicity and strategy. I can't wait to help you with this special training!

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