How to Engage Every Student During Writing

...without spending hours planning for additional learning needs. 

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What You'll Learn

Targeted Planning

Make a simple plan for all of your students, from the struggling ones to the high achievers


Learn easy built-in differentiation techniques for your ELL, special education, and struggling writers​​​​​​​

Simple Strategies

Make small tweaks to differentiate any writing lesson for all levels of writers


Put supports into place so that your students can write independently

Each Participant Gets

A Full Month of Lesson Plans + Extra Materials

Teaching writing should not be tedious! Using the strategies and resources from this training, you and your students will finally enjoy the writing process again. 

Lessons available for K-8.


Teachers Like You

"The best writing training I've ever attended."


"I was hesitant to register for an online writing training because the ones our district has done in the past were such a stressful experience. I'm glad I went for it, because this was by far the best writing training I've ever attended! April laid out everything I needed to do to make my writing block more engaging, and then she gave out her email address in case we needed help. The best part is, she actually responded to all of the emails I sent and was genuinely interested in helping me." ~ Maggie Jones

"...a comprehensive training with no BS"


"I attended April's training a few weeks ago and have since shared it with all of my colleagues! It is so rare to feel seen and heard in teacher training. Everything about April's system makes sense for ACTUAL classrooms. This is a comprehensive training with no BS like some teacher trainings I've been to." - Megan Brown


April Smith

Author of Simplify Your Writing Instruction

April began teaching in a Title 1 school in Arizona in 2008. She found herself creating a lot of her own materials to supplement the lacking, or out-of-date, curriculum. April created this training to help other teachers who are struggling with curriculum that don't meet the needs or levels of their students.

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