Writing in a Homeschool Setting: A Case Study of Simplify Writing®

case study homeschool


Karin Goldmann, a homeschooling parent, recognized the need for a more effective approach to writing instruction for her children. Karin expressed that "Traditional methods often left my kids feeling overwhelmed and disengaged, hindering their progress and confidence in written expression."

Determined to find a solution, Karin transitioned to Simplify Writing®, seeking a structured and accessible framework that could empower her children to flourish in their writing skills.


Upon adopting Simplify Writing®, Karin witnessed a significant transformation in her approach to teaching writing. The structured methodology and abundance of resources provided clear instructions and engaging materials, simplifying the writing process for her children at their respective levels. With targeted grammar instruction from Simplify Writing®'s library, Karin could tailor lessons to address specific needs and reinforce key concepts. The flexibility of the program allowed her to seamlessly integrate grammar topics aligned with their studies, creating a real-life context for applying language mechanics.


The transition to Simplify Writing® yielded immediate and profound results in Karin's homeschooling environment. Her children demonstrated improved writing skills, increased confidence, and a newfound enjoyment of the writing process. The structured approach, coupled with engaging materials, empowered them to take ownership of their learning and dive into writing with enthusiasm. Moreover, the targeted grammar instruction facilitated a deeper understanding of language mechanics, leading to increased mastery of grammar concepts and writing skills.


Implementing Simplify Writing® brought numerous benefits and notable growth to Karin's homeschool classroom. Writing instruction transitioned from being the least favorite part of the curriculum to a highlight of their learning journey. The transformation was evident in the children's increased engagement, ownership of their learning, and overall enjoyment of the writing process. By leveraging Simplify Writing®'s resources, Karin not only improved her children's writing proficiency but also freed up valuable time for enriching educational experiences beyond writing, such as visits to art galleries, museums, and local events, as well as hands-on experiences like a dog training course and feeding local stray dogs.


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