Case Study: From 22% to 84% in the First Week of Simplify Writing® in a Hybrid Homeschool Program

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Emily Homeschool Hybrid Writing

Background: Emily Fox, a 3rd-grade general education teacher at Classical Academies, faced challenges in teaching writing due to the hybrid homeschool model adopted by her school. Lacking a structured curriculum for writing instruction in the classroom, Emily struggled to meet the diverse needs of her students effectively. Seeking a solution, she turned to Simplify Writing®, drawn by its promise of direct, systematic writing instruction tailored to individual student needs.

Intervention: Transitioning to Simplify Writing®, Emily restructured her writing block to incorporate explicit instruction and ample practice opportunities. Utilizing the resources provided by Simplify Writing®, she focused on mastering foundational skills such as constructing topic sentences, organizing paragraphs, and crafting cohesive narratives. Additionally, Emily integrated the grammar and intervention library into her lessons to address specific skill deficits and employed small group instruction during literacy center rotations to provide targeted support.

Outcome: The adoption of Simplify Writing® yielded immediate and significant improvements in student writing proficiency. Within the first week of implementation, Emily observed a remarkable increase in students' ability to write topic sentences, from 22% to 84%. As students gained confidence in their writing abilities, they demonstrated a deeper understanding of text structures and exhibited greater independence in their writing tasks. Moreover, Emily noted positive feedback from students who expressed newfound enjoyment and enthusiasm for writing.

Impact: The systematic approach of Simplify Writing® not only enhanced students' writing skills but also transformed the classroom culture surrounding writing instruction. Students became more engaged and self-assured writers, equipped with the tools and resources to navigate various writing tasks independently. Emily's success with Simplify Writing® underscored the importance of structured, targeted instruction in nurturing students' writing proficiency within diverse learning environments.

Through the implementation of Simplify Writing®, Emily Fox not only addressed the challenges posed by the hybrid homeschool model but also empowered her students to become proficient and confident writers, laying a strong foundation for their academic success.

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