April Smith

April taught upper elementary grades for ten years before leaving the classroom to train teachers and write her first book, Project Based Learning Made Simple. Before she left the classroom, she had the honor of training new teachers on the craft of writing instruction. She was also honored with Intermediate Teacher of the Year in 2015 for her work integrating 21st century learning into her 4th, 5th, and 6th grade ELA classroom. Now April primarily focuses on creating engaging lessons for students that all teachers can easily implement. Her main focus is to create self-directed learners who enjoy coming to school each day. It was her experience working with writing teachers that inspired her to create this membership program.

The Team

Leslie Habecker | 3rd Grade Lesson Plan Support

Leslie Habecker has taught for 7 years and is currently teaching 3rd grade. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. As an Army wife, Leslie has taught in Colorado (3rd grade for 3 years), Missouri (1st grade for 2 years), and is now in Georgia where she is back to teaching 3rd grade. She is a part of her current district's curriculum design team and has been on numerous leadership committees throughout her career. Her favorite thing to teach is ELA. Leslie has always wanted to be a teacher and felt a special connection with children from a young age. When it comes to education, Leslie firmly believes that every teacher has the ability to impact and change the world for their students if they take the time to build strong, meaningful relationships with them.

Jill Connor | 4th Grade Lesson Plan Support

Jill is currently in her 14th year of teaching spending the last ten of those years in Lowell, Michigan as a fourth-grade teacher. She taught first, third, and fifth grades before that. After having two kids, Jill made the decision to teach part time. She teaches math, writing, and science which just happen to be her passions! Jill loves to teach, but refuses to accept things as they are. She is always looking for ways to improve her craft and help students enjoy the learning process so much that they want to learn new things for the rest of their lives! It was this desire to help making learning enjoyable that drove her to apply to work with April and her team.

Emily Dixon | 5th Grade Lesson Plan Support

Emily Dixon is a sixth year teacher, currently serving the last five years in the 5th grade classroom. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Mercer University, followed by a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Appalachian State University.  This year, Emily was awarded McAllister Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year and then went on to receive Bryan County School’s 2018-2019 District Teacher of the Year.  Emily became a teacher because she has a passion to foster unique, positive educational experiences for her students.  Her philosophy of education is deeply rooted in student needs and building positive relationships.  She believes that the greatest gift she can provide her students is creating relevant and engaging learning experiences that develop a motivation in them to experience success.  At the end of the day, she wants her students to leave the classroom each day wanting to learn, know, write, and do more.  

Brittney Harris | Digital Support

Brittney Harris is in her fifth year teaching 5th grade.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University.  Ever since she was a child, she wanted to be a teacher.  Teaching has always been more than a job because she is so passionate about it.  In addition to being passionate about teaching, she is passionate about incorporating technology in the classroom.  She has led sessions district wide for different uses of technology including Google Classroom.  She has also helped pave the way for her school to be utilizing Chromebooks more efficiently in the upper grades.

Jessica Robinson | Grammar Support

Jessica Robinson is currently in her 12th year as an educator. Ten of those years were spent in the classroom teaching grades second, third, fourth, and fifth. She has a passion for education and enjoys watching students grow in all facets. During her time in the classroom, Jessica was nominated Teacher of the Year twice and has earned her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction as well as her Elementary Principal certification. Jessica is now working as an Instructional Technology Trainer where her main focus is to help teachers and administrators use technology innovatively in the classroom. This new role has allowed her to expand her knowledge and application of modern-day skills. She is excited about this opportunity to collaborate with April and facilitate the growth of teachers nationwide.

Stephanie Michael | Editor

Stephanie has been in an elementary classroom for 8 years. She has taught 4th grade in both Arizona and South Carolina. During her career, she has been recognized as an Intermediate Teacher of the Year, a Teacher of the Month, and a Leader in Action. 

Katie Olive | Social Media

Katie is a 5th grade English language arts teacher in Florida. She has worked in elementary education for four years, and has served as the writing contact at her school for the past three years. She previously worked in content marketing and public relations.


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