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If you teach 2nd-6th grade writing, join this free training to get the support you need with distance and hybrid learning!

Teaching Writing Remotely

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1 Hour Training for 2nd-6th Grade Teachers

In this training, you will learn:

How to Prepare a Plan of Action

I'll help you prepare a plan of action for your individual situation. I'll be providing 30 days of print and digital writing lessons for you to use remotely after the training, so these lessons will be a big focus of your plan of action!

How to Overcome Technology Issues

From no technology to technology overload, I'll address a few key things you need to teach writing effectively to all students. Hint: You don't need anything fancy and any e-learning platform will do!

How to Transition Back Into the Classroom

The end goal is to support students in their learning until we can get them back into the classroom, so we will also focus on how to seamlessly transition students back into the classroom to continue writing.

You Will Also Receive:

1 Month of Free Writing Lessons

Get a month of my favorite writing lessons, with extensive teacher examples + student organizers to use to support your students during distance or hybrid learning.

I want these resources!

Digital Student Organizers

Do your students have devices at home? You'll also get all of the student organizers digitally, ready to be assigned in Google Classroom!

Better yet, these organizers come with full lessons for you to teach before assigning them!

I want these resources!

BONUS Support Group With Resources & Tutorials

Join us for our 2-week collaboration group! In this group, I'll provide you with digital tutorials and bonus resources to help you reach your writers remotely!

Resources will also be emailed out for people who do not have a Facebook account.

This sounds great to me!

Choose a training session:

This training will show you exactly how to keep your students creating quality writing pieces while they're working remotely. I'll also be sharing information on teaching grammar, conferencing, and peer feedback.

Please only register for one session.

Sunday, August 16th at 4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT

Hosted By April Smith

April taught grades 3-8 over the span of 12 years before leaving the classroom to provide professional development and engaging teaching resources for teachers around the world. She has experience working with a variety of student populations. Her main goal is to make writing instruction more authentic for students, while simplifying the process for teachers and preventing overwhelm. 

Sunday, August 16th at 4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT

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